Support Education for Refugee Youth

The BBC recently reported that 54% of school-age teens are exploited as child laborers instead of attending school. Our program seeks to bring kids back to school and teach them unique skills through establishing computer-based classrooms/ labs.

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The Syria Crisis

Visualized in Numbers

Population Exodus

A country once filled with a love for life and pride for nationality is now filled with faint memories of the families who left.

Prior to the war, Syria housed over 25 million people, including refugees from around the world. In an ironic turn of events, Syria has lost half of its population to a mass emigration of its citizens as refugees.

To the right, you'll find a map of Syria, divided amongst its states. Hover over and see how many people have fleed.

A Nation of Child Refugees

Over half of the refugees of Syria are children. Some have been tortured, many have witnessed violence against and the death of loved ones, and most have been left to fend for themselves in a world meant for the toughest of adults.

Look through to see the progression and makeup of the number of refugees.